Art Bug Illustrations

The Art of Chaldea Emerson Deyman:

Hi. I'm Chaldea. I like to draw things that make me smile. I hope my art makes you smile too. I love creating scenes that include a lot of detail and objects, which allows the viewer to piece together their own story, or feel as if they are peeking into a little world, imagining the characters going about their daily lives. Most of my illustrations are about family, food and togetherness. I have a passion for real food and I have been a veggie farmer for many years, and I think that shows in my art. People coming together to work hard, share good food, laughs, and gratitude for the earth is real nourishment and has provided a lot of inspiration for my art over the years.
I keep the themes of my art happy, playful and colorful, mostly because that is just what I enjoy painting, but in recent years I've struggled with whether or not I should let my art speak with a more serious, opinionated voice, as a reflection of or response to the drama of the world. But then it was pointed out to me that my art has provided a sense of calm, in an otherwise chaotic and very intense world. This allowed me to see that there is a great deal of value in creating art that is happy and light. The worlds I create are safe, welcoming, non-judging, grounding, warm and cozy. And you are invited!